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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Learning the Right Skills for your career future

As an anthropologist, I never imagined that I would go on to provide Web support to businesses, students and professionals. Heck, I never expected to have 1 blog let alone multiple blogs. While I have always been handy with unraveling the secrets of computer software, I had to learn new skills when I decided to take my professional writing career online. So, what did I do? I asked bloggers what programs they preferred (and why) and then experimented with various blogging programs until I was comfortable with administering a blog and creating its content. As you can see by the photo of my pet chipmunk, I have also learned about editing images, creating Vlog posts and a number of other techniques for reaching people online!
One second after taking the photo, Chip spit out all the seeds in his mouth.
Regardless of the career path(s) you take, keeping your skills up to date and learning the skills needed to pursue your career interests is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!
So, how do you determine what skills you need or will need? I'm glad you asked! Talk to college professors who are experts in fields related to your career path and also reach out to professionals off-campus who are experts in whatever field you are seeking to enter (college professors can often help guide you to off-campus professionals that would be willing to answer your questions and provide career guidance).

Taking such action will help you in gaining a better understanding of your chosen career (or careers) while starting a network of contacts within the field. These contacts often lead to job offers after graduation. Just food for thought! Take care.