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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Conferences: Education Beyond Classes and Networking

Classes are crucial for your long-term academic and career success, that includes utilizing tutors and mentors at EOP's Academic Center for Excellence. That said, all students should be looking beyond the classroom for additional information, networking opportunities and career-related learning. A recommendation to every student is to speak to your department advisor (or the chair of or a professor in your major) and ask about any local conferences that are coming up. Conferences are day to week long events where professionals from around the region or country present their current research. First, the information presented at these conferences often provides insight into changes coming to your field (knowledge of these changes can give you an edge over others in the field). Second, attending conferences is a great way to gain a better connection with your department professors as conferences often open the door for a student to be mentored before, during and after the conference (these connections often lead to your gaining great references for graduate school or jobs).

There is third thing of importance with conferences; they are great ways to network with professionals. Conferences offer students and professionals a chance to connect with other students and professionals in your field. The bounds that are often formed at conferences can lead to job offers in later years! By the way, conferences can be expensive. Yet, some colleges and universities will pay for a few students' conference fees (speak to your department to see if they will sponsor you for a conference). Local conferences for smaller organizations are often less pricey and more manageable for student budgets so look locally if money is an issue. Take care, and goes ask your department about conference opportunities. I mean... like TODAY!  :)


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