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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Start Prep for Finals Early!

I realize that for many students, final exams are weeks away. However, it is crucial to begin studying for finals as early as possible to ensure you do well. Especially for instances when a final exam is comprehensive (testing on material from the entire semester), preparing early helps students in recalling information they learned weeks earlier. To that end, here are some strategies to consider for finals preparation:

1) Ask your professor for a study guide for the final exam. If the professor doesn’t provide one, create your own based on class assignments, readings and lectures (and then show it to the professor to see what she/he thinks of your study guide - your professor may help you fine-tune your study guide helping you focus on the major topics).

2) Tutoring services are usually available days and evenings; check your college advisement office and academic department to investigate tutoring options.

3) If there isn’t a tutor listed for the subject/class you need assistance with, stop by the tutoring center and ask if one is available. As for writing assistance, tutors are usually available throughout the day – just stop by a tutoring center. Also remember, Academic Mentors/tutors can assist you with learning better ways to study in addition to helping you understand content. Most of those that go to tutoring are the students getting A’s and B’s in classes.

4) Start a study group if you don’t have one already for a class that you are struggling in (you should have a study group for every class even when you are doing well).

5) Start studying for final exams today if you haven’t already!!!!! It is easier to retain class material if you study early and repeatedly.

6) See a counselor in the counseling center to address any test anxiety you are facing. Test anxiety is common amongst students of all ages. Counselors can assist you in managing that stress now and in the years to come

7) Start final papers as early as possible. Work on developing a solid thesis statement to guide your efforts and ask your professor to check it over to make certain you are on track!