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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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Happy Summer, Readers! Yes, I have joined up with a group of amazing authors to help showcase our collective works. While I write fiction and Non-fiction, it is the latter I wish to focus on in this post. Specifically,THE CAREER-MINDED STUDENT and RESUME ESSENTIALS: DO'S, DON'TS, AND IT DEPENDS . 

THE CAREER-MINDED is a practical college success guide that breaks down, step by step, what college students should do each year as undergrads to best prepare for jobs IMMEDIATELY after graduation. The book includes study skills advice, but it includes a significant amount of advisement on how to build up career-relevant experience PRIOR to graduating (I used this advice and was able to beat out Ph. D's for positions (when I had only a Bachelor's, but a good amount of experience attained through relevant jobs the summers after my Sophomore, Junior and Senior years  - none of those jobs were internships AND all of them paid well). This book was written to stop the cycle of college graduates having a degree and no experience other than one or two internships. FYI - I never had an internship - I found full-time summer jobs, which made a bigger (better) impact on my job search after graduation.

As for my second new book, RESUME ESSENTIALS, was written to provide job seekers with a straightforward guide to writing eye-catching resumes and cover letters (with 20 sample resumes included covering fields such as biology, journalism, fine arts, trades, computer science, business management, and even high school graduates). Why did I write this book? I found students were paying so called "professionals" over a hundred dollars for a resume, and the resumes they received were crap. MY STUDENTS DON'T HAVE $100 TO SPEND WITHOUT MAKING GREAT SACRIFICES! I kept this book short, sweet and inexpensive to give new graduates and career professionals a way to develop a resume when they can't afford to hire a resume writer. For the record, I am a nationally certified career coach and resume writer (CCPC) and a longtime college career & academic advisor.