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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Do you have a paid or volunteer experience lined up for summer break?

This picture is of me in 1992. During the summer months before the Junior year stretch of intense Anthropology stats and research classes. I was a teaching assistant for an archaeological field school. By the end of the summer of 1992, I was contacted by a local archaeology team and would end up working for them at $9.00 an hour. Collectively, these experiences told me (well in advance of my senior year) that Anthropology was indeed the correct major for me. Then, when I graduated in December of 1993, I was well set to compete for jobs in my chosen field. In fact, I was out-competing those with advanced degrees because I had more field experience. The point? Just because you are not a senior or you don't have a degree, it doesn't mean you can't look into jobs or volunteer experiences that will give you field experience related to your major (paid or volunteer)

When you apply for jobs, experience matters, often times as much as having a bachelors or masters. So, in preparation for the summer break from college, speak to professors in your major and ask what types of volunteer and paid positions you should look into and can possible attain. In the immediate sense, such experience will help you determine if you picked the right major/career path. Additionally, such experience will look good on your résumé, making it easier for you to compete for jobs after graduating.

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