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This blog and its resources are here to assist all students throughout their college years and into their careers. Blog is moderated by a Certified Professional Career Coach and Master Tutor Trainer. Site moderator, Neil O'Donnell, is an EOP graduate of Buffalo State College and can be reached at odonnenp@buffalostate.edu.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Medical School Workshop at Buffalo State

For those interested in going to Medical School, Buffalo State's EOP Program is hosting a workshop to answer students' questions regarding medical school and the medical field.  For those who cannot attend, most colleges and universities have staff/faculty who can guide them through the process of preparing for medical school.  The sooner you get your questions answered, the better!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Writing a Kick-Butt Résumé

Me presenting at a conference on writing quality résumés. 
Résumés are a scary prospect for undergrads, college graduates and seasoned professionals alike.  Yet, the résumé doesn't have to to so terrifying!  Once you get the hang of writing one, it becomes relatively easy to update a résumé as you obtain more experience.  For those here because of my new book and for students in any of the country's EOP programs, here you will find a number of sample résumés.  Please review them and see if any match your needs.  Then, simply write a résumé of your own.  For seasoned professionals looking to apply to a senior level or managerial position, I recommend that you seek guidance of a nationally certified résumé writer or career coach (a career coach is a senior-level résumé writer who can also provide you with great guidance for preparing for interviews and conducting a thorough job search).  If you do consider hirong a career coach or résumé writer, request references from them and ask them to provide samples of their work BEFORE your sign a contract.  Yes, I am a Nationally Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC)!  NO, I do not write résumés except for my students, and I do that for free.  The résumés posted here are free for anyone to look at and use as they see fit.  If you have questions, please email me at npo113@hotmail.com, and I will answer questions when time permits.  I will be adding sample résumés over the next few weeks for a variety of career fields so keep checking back (you can request a sample résumé by emailing me.  Take care!  

* For those who purchased my book, The Résumé: A Guide for Recent Graduates, the book will only be provided in Kindle format and will remain at $.99 - I wanted this book to remain inexpensive to offset the scam artists charging students an arm an a leg for worthless résumés.