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Friday, April 10, 2015

Finals Preparation (Yes, as in Preparing for final exams)

The end of the semester is weeks away, but that doesn't mean students can hold off studying for finals.  In fact, if you haven't started studying for finals, you're already wasting valuable time.  Over the next few weeks, make a point of preparing for your finals by:

1) Determine where your grade stands in each class.  If you are uncertain of your approximate grade in a class, ask the professor.

2) Determine if you need to withdraw.  If you are failing a class, discuss with your respective professor, your academic advisor AND a financial representative whether withdrawing is in your best interest.  The reason you need to talk withdraws over with a financial aid representative is to make certain that withdrawing doesn’t impact a grant, loan or scholarship you are receiving.

3) Ask professors what are important topics to focus on in preparation for final exams.  Make certain you read over respective textbook chapters and class notes.  You should also ask the professor for a study guide for  final exam(s) for the course.

4) Work with tutors to go over course material you don’t understand.  You should also ask the professor for clarification of difficult material.  Asking for help from a tutor or a professor is a sign/display of strength, not weakness.  I got through a lot of tough course material with the aid of professors and tutors.

5) Read all assignment textbook materials.  Questions on final exams often come directly from textbook chapters, particularly from practice questions often posted at the end of chapters.

6) Complete all assignments.  Failure to complete an assignment could lead to your failing the course.  Additionally, questions on final exams may pertain to information presented/learned through class assignments.

7) Attend all classes. You can’t learn if you are not in you classroom seat.  If you miss a class you may miss out on the professor offering guidance for the final exam.