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This blog and its resources are here to assist all students throughout their college years and into their careers. Blog is moderated by a Certified Professional Career Coach and Master Tutor Trainer. Site moderator, Neil O'Donnell, is an EOP graduate of Buffalo State College and can be reached at odonnenp@buffalostate.edu.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Free Online Academic Support

What are the Secrets to attaining academic success in college?  Yeah, you can read the book.  Or, instead of my book, why don't you just check out my free website? http://eopcenter.blogspot.com/

My blog includes guides to better study and test prep techniques, tips on defeating test anxiety, and career research advice.

The big issue right now is don't wait to read assigned textbook readings and study class notes.  Stay on top of the work you need to get down throughout the semester to avoid cramming later on (believe me, cramming makes it tougher to retain information.

Welcome back, everyone!!!!!

p.s. It's time to start preparing to complete your FAFSA so get your tax info together quickly and file.  Need assistance, ask associates at the Financial Aid Office for help.