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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Getting the most out of jobs over winter break

Okay, so the semester is over and you're wondering what to do with your time?  First, it is important that you get some downtime.  In other words, take time to relax.  Additionally, it would be wise to find a part-time job to build up your cash reserves (and help build up savings for paying off loans). That said, regardless of where you work (a family restaurant, Burger King, Barnes & Noble, a shop in the mall, etc.), finding good experience for your resume is something to strive for.  When you work, consider the following:

1) Is there an opportunity for supervising other employees?

2) Can you assist with developing or managing a company's website, Facebook page or Twitter feed?
 Can you develop a Facebook page or Twitter feed for the company you work for?

3) Can you help with advertising for the company (putting up flyers, posting info through your own Facebook and Twitter pages, etc.)?

4) Can you assist in helping to organize the office files or create an Excel database for client/vendor contacts?

5) Can you help lead the reorganization of a supply/store room?

These are just some of the questions to ask your employer to gain valuable skills (skills to broaden your skill sets AND beef up your resume).  Specifically, looking for leadership and management opportunities is important as is finding any chance to be part of a creative process (advertising, coming up with a new lunch special, leading a charity drive through an employer, etc.).  These may seem trivial, but such actions could be just what makes you stand out from the crowd in the future when you apply for a job.  Take care, and Happy Holidays!!!!!!


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