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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Midsession Review

Believe it or not, the halfway point of the Fall 2014 semester is upon us.  Now is the time to, if you haven't done so already, to evaluate where you stand in each of your classes.  What grades have you received?  What is your current overall average in each class?  Have you turned in all assignments?  Can you still turn in late assignments?  What projects remain and what are their due dates?  When are final exams and what will the exams cover (are any of your finals cumulative meaning they will cover material from the entire semester)?

It is important to make decisions about withdrawing from a class or taking a class Pass/Fail with the guidance of your academic advisor.  If you don't know who your academic advisor is, stop by your major department and ask.  It is crucial that you do this midsession review to assure where you stand.  If you are uncertain of your overall grade or about assignment due dates, ask your respective professor(s).

Yes, half a semester remains, and there is certainly time to get support from tutors and professors if you have not done so already.  However, time will start to fly.  Don't delay asking questions and getting answers any longer.  Best wishes.