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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

General Résumé and Cover Letter Samples

Hi everyone:

I have found a lot of students (and professionals long out of college) complaining, understandably, that not much time was spent in providing undergrads with career advisement.  Well, that ends now.  Here, in this Fortress of Career Advisement, I will be periodically posting sample résumés and cover letters with the intention of posting samples for a wide range of jobs/careers.  For today, I attached a few basic résumés and one sample cover letter (see attached).  Important things to remember are the need for clean résumé copy (a lot of open/white space and an easy to read font).  Eleven to twelve point font and Times Roman or Garamond are preferred types for me.  For new college graduates without much experience, a functional resume, highlighting skill sets, is likely a better way to go rather than the chronological style.  Regarding the lack of a career/job objective, that is not an oversight.  I like many résumé writers find those to be a waste of valuable résumé real estate.  If you do include a job objective, it should be after personal information and be specific to the job being applied to such as:

To secure an internship in human resource management with XYZ, Inc. 

In future posts, we will further examine each component of résumés and cover letters.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Study Skills: Getting Back to the Basics

Hi Everyone!  So, are you caught up on your reading assignments and homework for classes?  Have you attended every class this semester?  Have you started doing research for your final papers/projects in your classes?  No?  You haven't?  Well, now is the time to get up to date as the weekend is here.  Think about it, we are close to the end of the first month of the Fall semester and summer is a distant memory.  This is not the time to be lazy.  Get active and productive.  Here's a few reminders to help you get the proverbial juices flowing:

College Study Skills: The Essentials

1)   Recognize your responsibility to study and prepare for classes.  Nobody is going to complete your papers, homework and tests for you.  If you don’t put in the time nothing will get done.

2)   Spend time every night to go over the notes you took that day.

3)   Prioritize/Manage your time.  Use a daily planner to help you plot out tests, quizzes, term papers and other assignments.  Continually look the planner over.

4)   Read, Read, Read!  Read all assigned textbook chapters.

5)   Read some more!  Read novels, short stories and other sources (newspapers, magazines, etc).  Reading a variety of material will make you a stronger reader, something that will help you better understand the reading you do for school.  Reading can also be a good source of entertainment.

6)   Study in as quiet and well lit place as you can find.

7)   If you need help, ask you’re a parent, teacher or tutor for assistance.  There is no shame in asking for help, because we ALL need it at some point.

8)   Develop your own test questions to study from.  Creating your own tests and quizzes to study from is an effective way to prepare for the real thing.  For additional benefits of this approach, ask your teacher to look over the sample test you made in order to get feedback.

9)   Find time to relax each day!  All the studying in the world won’t help if you’re exhausted.  Take time to read a book, watch one of your favorite TV shows or spend time with family and friends each day.  Just remember to get back to the books after taking a break, because you are still responsible for completing the work and understanding the material.