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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Blog Changes

Hi everyone!  Changes happen, as we all know too well.  As of now, I will be switching my main EOP/HEOP Blog to this page.  I will continue to offer the same academic and career advice, so don't worry.  As for this summer, I hope you are all safe, rested and finding time to relax.  Recharge those batteries for the Fall semester or for the job market (for you graduates out there).  In preparation for the Fall semester, remember to do your best to save money for books and other semester expenditures such as food, bus fare, etc.  As for books, if you know what books you need for the coming semester (and you are absolutely certain you are not going to change your schedule), look for the books now - you might be able to find some great discounts.  That said, enjoy the summer.